4 May 2017

I’ve been busy recently recording radio commercials, corporate voiceover, eLearning and IVR work for new and returning clients in France, Spain, USA and the UK!

In April, I recorded my brand new commercial and narration demo with Reel Recordings. Fran who owns Reel Recordings, came highly recommended! Fran has a wealth of experience as a voiceover agent and knows exactly what should be in a good reel. We recorded at the wonderful Scramble Soho studios where I had a fabulous time and I’m extremely pleased with my new reels!

I’ve also joined The Voiceover Network who are dedicated to supporting and strengthening the voiceover industry. I’m really looking forward to attending events and meeting fellow vo’s!​

27 October 2016

I've been really busy over the summer months, recording audiobooks for Whitehouse Sound/Whole Story Audiobooks. Both are now released through Audible. Regular clients have been returning for IVR, corporate explainers and I've also voiced "Dorie" the animated ladybird for Osmozis.

29 July 2016

Summer is here (in a fashion!) and typically, during THE hottest and sunniest week we've had so far this year, I spent the entire time holed up in my booth recording a new audiobook. Not an easy feat when the temperature inside the booth is touching mid-thirties! The problem is as many fellow VO's will appreciate, that you can't just switch a fan on! Still, it was really enjoyable and I LOVED the story and characters. More details to follow.

24 March 2016

Phew, it's been a very busy year so far, with a variety of voice over projects undertaken. I had a lot of fun voicing an animated ladybird and also recorded various radio commercials, including  Costa Coffee, e-Learning projects, as well as regular clients returning for IVR/On Hold messages. My latest audiobook, Majicka, a fantasy novel recorded for U.S. author J.B.Taylor was released via Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

6 January 2016

I recently completed some IVR (Interactive Voice Response) work for clients in the USA, BeforeTheDot.com and The Highline Hotel, New York.

1 December 2015

My latest audiobook release And It All Comes Down To You is now available to buy on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Audible.co.uk, Audible.com and iTunes.

29 November 2015

It's all about wizards and dragons for my next project. I'm working with US author J.B. Taylor narrating and producing the audiobook for his story Majicka.

Zane, faced with the kidnapping of his loving wife, Nessa, by a dangerous dark wizard, must set off on a journey to get her back. To get her though, he must overcome great obstacles and ally himself with a most unlikely figure.

Visit J.B.'s website here.

21 October 2015

I'm pleased to announce that I will be working with author Kyra Lennon to narrate and produce the audiobook version of her novella, And It All Comes Down To You.

Two Friends. A music festival. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh right, the Great British weather.

Marnie Ross swore she wouldn’t get her hopes up when Logan Ryan invited her for a day out, listening to some of the UK’s hottest bands, and soaking up the sun in a field full of drunken revellers. After all, it isn’t a date, right? If only it were that simple. Marnie is in serious danger of setting herself on fire with the torch she carries for Logan.

When a freak storm puts a dampener on their festival fun, Marnie and Logan are forced to check into a B&B for the night, and the only music they hear comes from the ancient jukebox in the pub down the street. However, will this change of plans be a blessing in disguise?

Rum and cokes lead to reminiscing, and the sparks flying between them make Marnie’s feelings impossible to ignore. Everything has always come down to Logan, since she first scrawled his initials all over her school books. Will she embrace the chance to make her dreams come true, or will the fear of being burned keep her out in the rain?
And It All Comes Down To You is a New Adult Novella.
Visit Kyra's website here!

29 May 2015

I recently provided the voiceover for a female character in a film trailer produced by Attention O'Ciens.

28 April 2015

The Last Challenge Audiobook on sale now!
My latest audiobook, The Last Challenge (Northern Witches Series Book 1) is now available on Audible.co.uk,  Audible.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com and iTunes!

This book and all of the characters, written by the very talented Sharon Karaa, was such a joy to work on!

Lauren Rutherford knows she is many things: a failed baker, an orphan, and a computer programmer. She also suspects she is ever so slightly nuts given that she often has conversations with her multiple personalities, and Bad Luck is a man who seems to enjoy tormenting her at every opportunity.

What Lauren doesn't know is that she is also a witch. She needs to learn, and fast, because the only thing between her and certain death is Agnes, her long-dead ancestor who has a foul mouth and a passion for G-strings, and Daniel, a sexy as hell male witch who drives her to distraction.

As the last descendant of a long line of witches, Lauren is the victim of a 400-year-old curse. Her life depends on her surviving a challenge set down by three damned souls, a challenge that will take her to hell and back. Literally. And Satan doesn't do tea and scones!

9 January 2015

New Year and New Projects!

Really excited to announce that I will be working with best selling author of romantic paranormal comedies; Sharon Karaa. I will be heading into the studio shortly to begin recording the audiobook version of "The Last Challenge (Northern Witches Series Book 1)". Check out Sharon's website here.

The eBook version of The Last Challenge is available through Amazon here.

18 December 2014

Mistletoe & Memories Audiobook Now Available!

I've recently recorded "Mistletoe & Memories" an adult, contemporary Romance novella audiobook for author Matilda Maxwell;

Christmas is Eden's favourite time of the year, until Declan Fox reappears in her life to put a dampener on her festive spirit. The boy who made her school years a misery isn't the boy she used to know though. Matured and working as a mechanic, Eden starts to see a side to him she never knew was there.

While Declan used to find any excuse to torment Eden, now he uses any excuse he can to talk to her, at least, until an unexpected sleepover takes them both by surprise. As Declan cuts off all contact, Eden is convinced his sudden desire to get close to her was another of his childish pranks.

Suddenly, the most wonderful time of the year turns into a time of self-doubt that no amount of mince pies and feel-good Christmas movies can fix. However, when Declan shows up under the mistletoe, Eden has a big decision to make. With him blowing hot and cold, can she really trust that he's grown up and changed, or will the memories of the past keep her from having a chance with the one guy she could never forget?

Mistletoe & Memories is a New Adult Contemporary Romance novella.

©2013 Matilda Maxwell; (P)2014 Matilda Maxwell

Mistletoe & Memories is available to purchase through; audible.co.uk, audible.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.com and iTunes.